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I am very pleased with the worldprofit solutions they have helped me to grow in traffic and income within 2 months of being with them! They had my site up and running within 24 hours of me joining.

What I also like is that there are over 75 different monitors helping out the community 24 hours a day 7 days a week! The new software that they have helps business's around the world profit around the clock. I make money and sales even when I sleep, I love it! This is the first site in 7 years that I actually can recommend as a superior site and system!

They gave me 50k guaranteed visitors just for attending their live broadcasts!

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WORLD PROFIT - Dr. Jeffery Lant

Helena, Montana 1 comment
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WORLD PROFIT Monitors tell so many lies that sound so good!

First is the FREE 50,000 visitors/leads YOU WILL NEVER SEE THEM AS they control them and send about 250 a day so they say.

They have no refund so if you want your $99.00 or $1200.00 back TO BAD! Dr. Lant is arrogant, EGOTISTICAL HARVARD Person, He says.

So intimidating and pushy. They tell you to come in and be a Monitor so you are being used to promote their scam.


BELIEVE a word of it. Go gamble and have fun!


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If this customer has a concern or requires direction on how to get the 50,000 visitors, please contact our Customer Service office so we can assist you. We will require a full name in order to look up your account and are happy to assist you.

780-444-7477 Mon - Friday 9 - Noon; 1:00 - 4:00 pm MT

Worldprofit Inc., Customer Service

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